Cranial Bones: Sphenoid with Ethmoid

OSTEOPATHY (ah-stee-AH-pah-thee) is a system of manual medicine. Gentle manipulative techniques based upon sound physiologic principles are used to evaluate and treat tissue dysfunction. Palpation (touch) reveals inherent flexibilities and restrictions. The imprinted history of various traumas, illnesses, and surgeries may be readily perceived. Through a very special understanding of anatomy, and a unique touch, vitality is restored.

OSTEOPATHIC MANIPULATIVE TREATMENT uses very gentle pressures and positionings to encourage tissues to gently relax and unwind, releasing the shock of imprinted traumas. Patients often experience a sense of deep relaxation, tingling, fluid flows and relief of pain. Emotional releases may occur as well.

OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS are fully trained and licensed to practice the entire range and scope of medicine, obstetrics and surgery. It is the use of our hands, with the intent to restore tissue vitality, that distinguishes osteopathic practice from conventional medicine.

Osteopathy embraces the interplay of structural organizing dynamics and metabolic activities that give rise to form and function. It recognizes the inherent wisdom and intelligence within every cell. It seeks to recover what has been lost; to find the innate self-corrective principles that guide us, maintain us, and restore us. It taps that within us which is all-powerful. Osteopathy is the artful study and practical application of anatomy and physiology.


The intention of this website is to present a perception of health and illness in light of the Osteopathic Concept. Osteopathy considers trauma to play a significant role in the cause of human suffering. This unique perspective provides a practical and effective solution towards resolving that suffering.

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