Because osteopathic treatment requires close physical contact that does not comply with social distancing practices, we implement strict policies that actively limit exposure to the coronavirus.

As a patient in this office, you are an essential partner in ensuring that this environment remains safe for all who receive Osteopathic care.


  1. It is essential that you have been practicing SAFE ISOLATION POLICIES during the last two weeks prior to each visit.
  2. If you have other health care visits prior to visiting our office, please let us know, so we can make an informed decision about allowing entry to the office.
  3. If ANY patient, or family member of a patient, has symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath, or even a runny nose, please do not enter the office. Treatment will not be provided as scheduled. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  4. If you have recently come in contact with anyone who has been acutely ill with an upper respiratory infection, or has tested positive for the corona virus, please do not enter the office. Treatment will not be provided as scheduled. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  5. Please WEAR FRESHLY LAUNDERED CLOTHES for your visit.
  6. WASH HANDS immediately prior to your appointment. We will ask you to wash your hands in our sink or use hand sanitizer upon entering the office.
  7. Please BRING A SMALL BAG in which to place your personal items during treatment.
  8. WEAR A MASK. (A bandana will not suffice, as the cloth tie will interfere with treatment). If your mask is found to be insufficient, we will provide an additional surgical mask.
  9. PLEASE DO NOT SIT IN THE WAITING ROOM. Do not arrive early. We will meet you at the front door, and will invite you to go directly to the treatment room. We are scheduling patients far enough apart to avoid contact between patients. If you arrive early – or someone must wait for you while you are being treated – please sit outside the office. There are benches in the front of the office, or you may wait in your car.


  1. Enough time will be allotted between patients to prevent patient-patient encounters.
  2. All surfaces are freshly wiped down with HOCL antiseptic between patient visits.
  3. Table Paper is used during each treatment.
  4. All practitioners wear an N95 mask (or equivalent) during visits.
  5. All practitioners wash hands obsessively.
  6. Hepa filters are running in every room throughout the office.
  7. Dr. Rosen and Alistair Moresi clean the exam room with UV-c light each evening and lunch break.

Thank you for your assistance in ensuring the health and safety of us all.