I always knew I would become a physician. During my childhood I had only known of MD's, and planned to become one. During my undergraduate college education, I became aware of alternative medicine, and I was intrigued. When it came time to apply to medical schools the only logical choice was osteopathic medicine. In a single setting I could learn conventional medicine, become fully licensed, and learn an alternative form of diagnosis and treatment.

Though I had been accepted into an Osteopathic Medical School, I had no real understanding of Osteopathy. Manipulation initially made no sense to me: “How could banging someone’s bones around have anything to do with healing?” I had little appreciation for subtlety. My curiosity, however, led me to discover the most talented practitioners in the profession. Watching them work was fascinating, but being treated was astonishing. I had no idea my body was capable of changing in this fashion. I was hooked.

The perceptions utlized in this type of treatment are quite subtle, and I did not come by them easily. I was actually quite frustrated at first; enough so that I tried to give the whole thing up and became a psychiatrist. My psychiatric training has given me valuable experience and deepened my perceptions. Osteopathy, however, would not leave me alone, and I eventually discovered my latent abilities.

Private Practice:

I have been in private practice in the Palo Alto area since 1983. I consider myself to be a “Traditional Osteopath,” in that my primary mode of practice is osteopathic manipulation. My primary styles of osteopathic treatment include Cranial, Biodynamic, Indirect and Direct Functional, and Visceral approaches.

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Growing up on a farm in a remote area of Australia, I developed a great interest in the natural world, academics and sports. After returning from a year in South Africa as a Rotary Exchange Student, I started university unsure of how to tie in my interests. After completing 2 years of a Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree in Human Physiology and Biochemistry, I discovered the amazing world of Osteopathy.

I felt that at last I had found an all-encompassing model of health that resonated with me much more than the traditional model of medicine that I had been contemplating. I completed my 5 year full-time Osteopathic degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (1988-1992) and entered private practice. Little did I realize that my Osteopathic education was only in its infancy and my pursuit of it would take me all over the world. After completing an Osteopathic Cranial Course with Dr. Viola Frymann, DO in California (1995) my interest became to study with the best in the world and led me to move to the USA in 1996.

Becoming licensed as a Certified Massage Therapist in the US has enabled me to continue using the manual techniques that I had been trained with in Osteopathic school in Australia.

Private Practice:

I have been in private practice since graduation in 1992. I worked in Australia and continue to be licensed there as an Osteopath. In the USA I work under a Certified Massage Therapists license. I moved to Palo Alto in 2012 but had lived and worked here before in 1999-2001. I consider myself to be a “Non-Physician Traditional Osteopath”. My primary styles of treatment include Cranial, Biodynamic, Indirect and Direct Functional and Visceral techniques.

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